Hail To The King, Baby. The Army Of Darkness Arises In Evil Dead: The Game Today

New content is available for players on PC and Console.

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Evil Dead The Game Hail To The King

Today, Saber Interactive and Boss Team Games dropped a new content update for Evil Dead: The Game. Titled “Hail to the King”, the update is inspired by the Army of Darkness film and introduces the game’s latest Survivor, the Blacksmith. This is a hybrid support character that leans a bit to the warrior side of things. He’s great with melee weapons but has to steer away from ranged weapons like guns. As a blacksmith, he has a fairly unique ability and can create random weapons for his team using scrap material collected around the battlefield. It’s best to gather as much scrap as possible, as the more you have of it, the better chance the Blacksmith has at creating a high-rarity item.

In addition to the new character, the update also adds two new weapons: a rapid-fire crossbow and a quarterstaff. There’s also a new single-player side mission in which players must help stop Kandar’s Witch. She’s opened a rift in time and space at the castle and now the only choice is to eliminate her and save the universe.

The above content is all available in the Hail to the King Bundle, along with five bonus outfits for Ash, Henry the Red, and Lord Arthur. The bundle is available to Season Pass owners for free or as a standalone purchase for $9.99.

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