Halo Infinite’s Desync Issue Will Continue To Go Unresolved Because ‘The Development Teams Are Busy’

Just a little advice, why not hire more staff?

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Halo Infinite Desync Issue

Halo Infinite has been having issues since its initial release in October 2021. In fact, the desync issues have been happening for so long at this point that the community is out of patience for not only lack of activity, but also the lack of communication. A post on Reddit read: “Melee and/or player collision is still incredibly broken.” The user then added video examples that got the attention of a member of the game’s development team.

Brian Berryhill, senior sandbox designer, replied with: “Just wanted to comment that we appreciate these types of compilations. Videos like this always get pulled into bug/task threads for UCN (networking) improvements.” The post then goes on to say: “The TLDR of it is the devs that would work on these fixes have been allocated to other Infinite work.”

That’s not all, though. When the game’s second season, Lone Wolves, started on May 3, it again was quickly met with player complaints as they mentioned some guns were ‘jamming’, as well as other general issues about changes introduced to restrict certain traversal techniques.

The 343 Senior Community Manager John Junyszek had responded to players after Season 2 launched with: “We’re not at the point where we can promise anything yet, but want to be transparent and say that we’re taking the feedback seriously and reviewing options internally.”

While the team may be doing just that, it’s the lack of communication and transparency that may be leaving the player base feeling abandoned. Halo is a popular enough franchise where it would be hard to imagine the fan base completely disappearing because of these issues, however, many might stop playing until other major changes are made.

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