Marvel Avengers Welcomes Not-So-Original Jane Foster Along With Some New Features

Players are let down by the lightning goddess, the Mighty Thor.

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Jane Foster New Marvel Hero

Marvel Avengers' latest patch, Patch v2.5, was the one that brought a chunk of new changes and introduced the newest Hero Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, who is currently undergoing criticism for her lack of original moves and animations.

First, let’s dive into the important changes that have come with the latest patch. To start, our heroes will no longer inherit traversal abilities from other heroes when swapping them out during Heroic Gauntlets. Any characters that currently have traversal issues will be fixed in this patch, and it will no longer happen to new heroes in a player’s roster. Then, in the mission “My Life as a Weapon,” enemies now spawn correctly when players skip the rooftop BBQ cinematic. Also, some players experienced an issue where MODOK’s Codex file would not unlock upon defeating him in the Reassembled campaign, but that issue has since been fixed. Any players who’ve beaten MODOK but have not received his Codex file will receive it retroactively.

With the addition of the Mighty Thor, players can enjoy Quad XP and Double Resources to level their newest hero until July 8. Then, to celebrate the United States' Independence Day weekend, all Captain America cosmetics will be 50% off until July 8.

Now, before we get into the criticism of Jane Foster, those who are fans of the lightning goddess can grab the battle-forged outfit that was inspired by the Thor (2014) comic in the marketplace now. In addition, the Mighty Thor also has several new cosmetics that are all her own, like her cleverly named wrestling-inspired Clothesline From Hel Takedown, her Lightning Rod Emote, her Jane 026 nameplate, and more. Then, make sure to head to the marketplace to grab the fourth free Ms. Marvel nameplate before July 8.

Following Jane Foster’s arrival, many Marvel players are frustrated and annoyed with her abilities and animations that are very similar–if not identical–to the original Thor. One Reddit user wrote: “I know I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to say this… but after reading through Jane’s skill tree I can’t bring myself to even try and level up what’s basically Thor in a new skin.”

While Crystal Dynamics had appeared to be committed to supporting Marvels Avengers, the title's newest hero in months seems to be nothing but a reskin with extra steps, leaving players disappointed to say the least.

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