Halo Infinite Is Going To Have An Insanely Flexible Battlepass System

Players will never have to worry about losing what they pay for.

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Halo Infinite Battle Pass

By this point in the battle pass life cycle, most gamers are used to the fact that when you pay for a battle pass, you have a limited time to get everything done or risk losing all those rewards. That system, along with things like loot boxes, aren’t exactly designed to benefit the player and often end up making players feel stressed and generally bad about something that should be a good time.

As it turns out, 343 Industries seems to have the same feeling about both these methods of monetization and, while they are going to have battle passes, they’re definitely going to be different. The game won’t have loot boxes either...which should be a nice change. They recently spoke to IGN about their plans for Halo Infinite battle passes, and it sounds pretty nice – if they stick to it.

Rather than having battle passes that expire when the next one comes out, 343 Industries will instead allow players to complete the battle passes at their leisure. Yes, new ones will come up and you’ll have to buy them each time, but once you have them, they’re yours and you can work on them as you please, with some stipulations. The biggest of these is that no matter how many battle passes you have that need working on, you can only do one at a time. However, you get to decide which one is active and you can switch whenever you like.

In addition, approximately every quarter of the battle pass will offer a legendary cosmetic. Event rewards will not be tied to the battle pass. The game will also offer players cosmetic or customization options as rewards simply for playing the campaign and completing weekly challenges.

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