Ironfell is an interesting game. Its a hex-based 2D MMORTS whereby players can expand their kingdom, trade with other players, cross vast oceans and of course fight for the chance to continue expanding said kingdom. The game is very much a sandbox MMO with everything ingame created by the players themselves.

Ironfell offers players a staggering 64 units and structures to build with the promise of even more units in a future expansion including dinosaurs, time machines and two new resource types. Players will even eventually blast off into space.

Unlike most other MMORTSs. Ironfell encourages players to gain an unfair advantage. Put simply, the more you play the more resources you get, and the stronger you become. An RTS you can never pause. How fun that is for a new player I can’t say, but the hardcore/unfair nature of the game may be appealing to some unphased by the staggering entry requirements. Perhaps those who also get a kick out of EVE Online.

The game is currently available on most platforms including Mac and Android. You can check out the game here.

Let us know what you think.

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  1. I have never invested much time in rts games for the fear that if my ocd kicks in my life will be consumed entirely but I will certainly give it a try and suggest my friends to do the same if for no other reason than to bring some attention to an ambitious indie project. And i commend you for appealing to the hardcore and not taking the easy road just for more numbers. Niche titles have just as much a place as any pop title. And I have a fondness for indie titles because so many more of them are really made by devs who are passionate about what they are trying to achieve rather than just trying to create a cash cow that will bring in a quick buck before fading from the spotlight. Hope some of the other community members will try this out too.

  2. And I’m just one dude making this game… I’m not EA. And all the resources you can pay for are available in game… nothing in the game forces you to pay. 98% of users have never paid for resources. The ones that do are supporting the game, and are the reason I can make it.

  3. Hey, that’s my game you are talking about. 🙂 One of the biggest game design issues with a mmorts is over time do you let older players become more powerful? Standard solution is to only let each player take a fixed resource into battle, so its fair and all the battles are the same. Or to restrict battles to users the same level. what I have done in Ironfell is… let older players use all their greater resources in battles. And balanced that against allowing new players to pay for resource, and get the same advantage that older players have.

  4. you people don’t know what you are talking about, everyone on there said it was not pay to win and that you could make the amount of sources in 2 days that you would pay for $50. With all the gameply mechanics and the muliplatform support there is no excuse to play this.

  5. a game for people who got no lifes?i am one of those people but personally i would never play this for a lot of reasons which i prefer not to say and as i read from the comments above if u can “buy” the resources with real money it will probably become pay to win so ya thanks but no thanks

  6. I honestly thought the title ended with “fell out” (shutdown). Just read the information and some other sources…apparently, THE PROPHECY IS RIGHT!

      • You’re not alone :/ Gamer ADD is rampant in the community. Haven’t looked into the game much but from what is presented here it looks okay 🙂 Will probably try it out, but unsure if I will make time to commit to it to gain the best possible experience :S


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