Remember Tale of Toast, the oddly named hardcore PvP sandbox MMO that launched into early access last month? The developers were optimistic that they could make a “no-rule open world PvP MMORPG” work, but have abandoned those ideals after just a month.

A post on the ToT Facebook page spells out the changes that will be coming to the game after the next patch goes live. All zones will have PvP disabled, except for a PvP “No-man’s land” that has a “higher concentration of trade skill nodes within this area given the risk of heading out there.” The changes, we’re told, are the result of feedback and testing during the early access period.

Good luck to developers Toasty Leaf AB, but one has to wonder at what exactly the plan was from the start. Tale of Toast isn’t a AAA title, but it still must have taken a lot of thought and time to develop, and hardcore open-world PvP was likely been a decision that was reached pretty early in the design process. To give up on that after just a month would seem to indicate that the devs greatly overestimated the appeal of such a game.

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  1. For an open world PvP game, you would have to scale back either the progression or the PvP itself. Otherwise, nobody except for the earliest adopters with no life would be able to progress. Sounds like they chose the latter, resigning themselves to WoW clone #65,285,991,437,252.

  2. Guess you should do more research on the topic before making an article about it.

    They’re opening a PVP server as well that will have anything the PVP community votes on. For example if they want to be able to kill lv 1’s at lv 60 it can be made possible according to community feedback for the server.


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