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The Grand Tournament begins Monday, Aug. 24 (Aug. 25 in Asia)! That’s when Blizzard will go live with all 132 cards from Hearthstone’s newest expansion, which puts a big focus on hero powers and valiant mounted minions.

Packs will be obtained in the usual ways, by spending either coins or real money. Until the launch, you can still get the pre-purchase bundle, snagging 50 packs and an exclusive card back for just $50. Of note: After the expansion goes live, Arena pack rewards will be randomly chosen from among Classic, Goblins & Gnomes, and The Grand Tournament.

Until Monday, you can get a taste of some of the new cards via this week’s Tavern Brawl, which pits players against each other using preconstructed hunter and mage decks featuring Grand Tournament cards. I’ve played four times and gotten the hunter deck each time. I’m 2-2, but I still think mage is stronger. How are you faring?

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  1. The game is a rigged pay to win waste of time, I can not believe people actually still play this.

    Even world champion of this game – Firebat did not manage to get to legend with a free to play deck.
    Plus the RNG is far from random.

    • Check how long they advertised this. I think its enough time to farm like I have. dailies plus capping out 100 a day (I do on occasion) will yield you a lot of gold. 4FREE, get over it.

      • only few f2p games dont give benefits to people who pay to support the game
        plenty people dont, so for the 10% of the active people who actually buy cards, still maybe very unlucky drawing them. that even beginners can beat them, dont see any problem

        basic hunter/zoolock decks require like few weeks play and u can achieve rank 10-15 easily, stop trolling

      • evil i am not sure if you are a troll or really that dumb but you seriously need to go to some therapy no matter what is the case.

        p.s. Just trying to help you my child, I hope you will not take it the wrong way.


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