Hearthstone‘s The Witchwood expansion rolled out about a week ago, and already one of the new cards is causing problems in a less than expected way. The Shaman-class Shudderwock card’s Battlecry ability can be fairly powerful, as it repeats all the Battlecry effects a player has used in the game up to the point of putting it into play. But it’s not being simply OP that’s the issue.

Rather, the problem is a more technical one. Apparently, the Hearthstone team didn’t take into account all the animations that would be triggered as a result of this — and just how long they would end up taking. In fact, Blizzard Watch reports that more extreme cases can force players to wait around 10 minutes for the animations to end and move on with the game.

To make things worse, Shamans can combine the Shudderwock with the Crumble card, resulting in it being played repeatedly. The end result is a Shaman being able to drag the game out and prevent their opponent from playing at all.

Here’s hoping Blizzard gets the whole thing worked out very soon and players can get back to faster and more enjoyable gameplay.

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