Put on your bell bottoms and shine up your disco balls for Hearthstone’s next adventures, the 1970s-themed One Night in Karazhan. The adventure looks to follow the regular Hearthstone adventure format, with four wings’ worth of PvE bosses, nine class challenges, and 45 cards you can earn for defeating them.

Medivh will be your host for the festivities, and despite being a powerful mage, players are warned that

“Some matters may transpire over the course of the evening that might require your… special attention. Come prepared!”


“This party is so intense, it’s warping the very fabric of space and time to bring in more guests! Use the new portal spell cards to unleash the magic and summon random minions to the field.”

Hearthstone Karazhan cards

The four wings are titled the Parlor, the Opera, the Menagerie, and the Spire, which you can purchase for 700 gold/$6.99 apiece or for $19.99 for all four. There’s also a Prologue encounter with Prince Malchezaar, which will be free to all players.

One Night in Karazhan opens in two weeks. Are you looking forward to it?

Thanks to Hearthhead for the card images!

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  1. Class Challenges use predetermined decks, which are not directly revealed to the player at any point. Class Challenge decks feature 30 cards in total, but like Arena decks are not subject to the 2-copies-per-card limit found in constructed play. Completing each Class Challenge will reward the player with two copies of a new class-specific card for that class. Each Class Challenge features the related card, as well as often including other cards from that adventure, which may not yet be available for players to collect.

  2. Too much RNG! It doesn’t matter what cards you got, it will always depend on luck! WAAAAY TOO MUCH LUCK! Switching to Elder scrolls legend!

  3. Cancer P2W game with the most cancer community in gaming. It is odd mix of 12 year old NET Deckers with mama’s credit card and hard core cash cow Blizzard supporters. To blind to see past their own noses. I played since open beta. IF you have half a brain working you can feel the mathematical equation as you play. The pool of “people like you” vs “P2W” is easy to feel out. Early level rewards and “like players” hooks you, but mid level, as a F2Per, you start to see the cards you need, you ain’t gettin. And you are just fodder for those that pay with no skill. You are a livling “win” for them XD just a dumbo to farm for those that pay. There is also a “population / peek hour” time in the equation that masks the “balance” in this game. Don’t fall for it, it is predatory P2W, making you fall on the other unsespecting noob, boosting your ego, then falling back into a prey mode. 2 major indications it is a clever P2W scheme: 1) other new games copied FAST the math formula. That “strategy” card/board game “Dueyls I thin it is called, copied the same “level up with EXP on loss, but not gold, so get pitched in higher tier battles with low tier cards and no gold”…again, not evident so you are hooked early game, roflstomped mid late game. 2) Newer games pushing better game play than cash grab are now going to be launch like ESO card game, etc.

    • There is a mobile card game DONE RIGHT called Elemental wars or something like that on Google play. Loss = GOLD. Not as much as a win, but even if you get farmed by P2W, you can still get gold to advance your decks and catch up. If hearth did that, i’d play. Until then: Cancer.

    • I agree with you completly except for the last part. ESL is also same thing. I was in closedbeta and all they did was to nerf rewards, add win based quests for random classes ( to force you to play with classes you do not have good cards for ). They only nerf cards to make it harder to get good cards. There is a lot of RNG etc.
      Unfortunately 99.9% of developers and publishers are incredibly stupid people with zero respect towards people who allow them to make money. They just want to scam people

    • One of the most popular decks right now is PawelHS’s pirate warrior deck. The deck uses mostly free cards that you get from being a warrior and some others from the Old Gods, but overall the deck costs very little dust. This guy got to legend in 3 days with it on a brand new account (he made a new account, got the free 3 packs, did a free arena run, and used those cards to climb ladder.)

      I know you like to keep throwing the whole “P2W Trash!!1!1” type stuff out instead of actually taking the time to write out a clear and concise argument, so I know you probably don’t actually care if you are wrong.
      But yeah, if you actually want to play hearthstone to succeed, you don’t have to pay to win. It sure helps, but in the end nothing helps a bad player.

  4. This game was great and fun at the begin but turned into a copy paste p2w crap. Everyone uses the same decks and every update brings new op cards which you will have to buy or you won’t stand a chance. Now its just a cashgrab game and not fun anymore. Good to see the players leave this game. Blizzard noticed this and already sent mails to players where they ask why you are not playing anymore and what made you stop palying. Looks like they don’t want to let their cashcow die.


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