Hearthstone decks

A pair of quality-of-life updates are heading to Hearthstone soon.

Following in the footsteps of last year’s well-received “Friendly Feud,” players will soon be able to complete quests by playing with their friends. Obvious exceptions include quests that require you to watch a friend of play the Innkeeper. Other than those cases, however, feel free to bloat your friends list and complete away!

Also on the list of changes is the ability to export deck lists with just a few mouse clicks. It’ll be almost as easy to import deck lists, too; just copy a valid deck list to your clipboard and you’ll be given the option to import it into your in-game deck collection.

These features will be added to Hearthstone in a patch that will go live “in the coming weeks.” You can read the full blog post on the Hearthstone site.

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