Hellgate’s coming to Steam! Maybe, kind of…

The original Hellgate: London was a dark, moody, post-apocalpytic demon-infested shoot-’em-up that received minor acclaim in 2007, but bugs and a so-so multiplayer implementation doomed it after less than two years. It rose from the dead as a free-to-play game in 2011, but that didn’t really get much attention.

Now it’s back on Steam, or at least it might be on Steam if enough people approve of it, because that’s how Greenlight works. The thing is… there isn’t much out there in terms of announcements, press releases, or anything like that. Just… boop, here’s Hellgate! Again! Can we be on Steam? Please?

It’s called “Hellgate Global” in the Greenlight description, which doesn’t seem to appear anywhere on the game’s official site. And I know I saw the trailer before, maybe in the original game from seven years ago. So is this some kind of honest-to-goodness relaunch or is it just an attempt to get on Steam after three years of being mostly anonymous?

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  1. I love it when they resurrect an older awesome game like this. It gives a chance for people/gamers that can’t afford a newer bad ass PC to play an awesome game & have fun. Hell Gate will run on just about any thing & it is by far one of the best, fun games I ever had the chance to play. & the story line is good to.

  2. It is about time they did this! Holy crap they finally put it on steam. This is such a fun game & it will run on just about anything. Wish they would have done this a long time ago. I hope it gains more popularity so the damn servers aren’t so empty & I can finally party up with other players, that’s what mmorpg’s are all about. I hate empty servers. I will try it again hell it’s still installed on my old PC gaming rig I have in the living room I made into a dual core steam box.. lol

  3. Just for everyone information:
    The game is listed for steam on the main site
    The game is not dead, and its called Hellgate Global.
    The game is actually from dead, players are still playing on the servers
    This is great news, because hell-gate is the best RPG game ever created.

  4. Unless the game fixes its compatibility issues with AMD video cards (which were gamebreaking, even the supposed ‘hotfix’ barely worked), the game is better off just staying dead.

  5. I had some fun with this game,but it’s *extremely* buggy,and will eventually require you to pay if you want access to new areas (if you like the game enough I don’t suppose I’d be a bad investment); or at least,that’s how it was the last time I played about a year ago. I doubt it’s improved much.

  6. why can’t you guys just leave it slumber in peace? This game is great and already had it’s time, why keep trying to resurrect it? first the rerelease as an f2p mmorpg and now a rererelease wtf.

  7. If they will update graphics, I think there will be a chance. It’s a good game…well was..long time ago.

    PS: Thanks for bringing website back. Thought design was changed, and it was just horrible.

  8. Always wanted to try this game, but i fear that its time is way up, it was good for an antipicated game of 2007, but now almost 8 years later, it won’t really interest that many people.

  9. I did quite like this game. but i never really had many people to play with. Maybe if through steam it gets a bigger player base ill try it again. it is pretty fun.


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