Here's Everything We Got From The Division Day Celebration Live Stream Today

New game modes, new games, and more.

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The Division Day Celebration Stream

Ubisoft is celebrating The Division Day today, and with that came a new developer update showcasing all the upcoming things the game and its spinoffs have to offer.

Up first was The Division 2 and its new season titled "Broken Wings". There's a new game mode coming called Descent which is a rogue-like game mode you can play solo or coop.

Broken Wings and the Descent game mode will be coming in early June, but players can check it out on the test server starting tomorrow. There's also a free weekend coming soon for The Division 2, so recruit your friends and get ready to train them up.

They talked a bit about The Division: Resurgence, the mobile game coming to iOS and Android, and mentioned that the campaign can be played solo or co-op. Testing is scheduled to begin this summer.

The last thing they spoke about was The Division: Heartland, the upcoming PvPvE survival action shooter set in small-town America. Players will play as an agent tasked with protecting the town of Silver Creek. There will be all new characters and storylines. You will be exploring the town and gathering supplies to set up your base of operations which will be a shared space where all missions begin and end. Choose between 3 classes of Survivalist, Weapons Expert, and Medic. There are contamination areas on the map to avoid without special equipment.

They did say that The Division: Heartland will be a living game, aka a live service game. Sign up to test the game and you'll receive 5 invites to share with friends if you are chosen.

You can watch the full event in the video below.

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