"The Mill" Map Coming To Texas Chainsaw Massacre Adds A Ton Of New Verticality, And That's Not All That's Coming Soon

Executions, cosmetics, a new mode, and a new map.

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 90 day roadmap

The next 90 days sound good for fans of the asymmetrical horror game The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The team at Sumo Digital has released a 90-day roadmap of what's to come, and it sounds like fans will be quite happy.

New Executions are on the way and they're going to be more brutal than anything seen in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre up to this point. Creative Director Ronnie Hobbs is really pushing the envelope when it comes to Executions according to the Steam blog post. Also on the menu are weapon skins, allowing players to accessorize their weapon of choice.

Of course, new cosmetics are being developed as well, as is the new Museum Mode, which will allow players to move around the Family House and solve puzzles and take photos. The Museum Mode in Texas Chainsaw Massacre will also have behind-the-scenes footage and trivia for both the film and the game.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Mill

The new map coming to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is called "The Mill". The team says it will play much differently than any other map in the game. The Mill will feature much more verticality with four playable levels.

You can watch the full presentation in the video below.

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