Interested parties can now get a look at Bless Unleashed — an upcoming MMORPG set in the Bless universe (but not Bless) announced about a week ago — thanks to Neowiz dropping the game’s first trailer. The trailer doesn’t offer any major details about the game, but it does show off some big monsters and other pretty things.

That said, the press release does promise “deep combo-driven mechanics, player customization and cooperative (PvE) and competitive (PvP) multiplayer,” as well as an “endless amount of content”.

Judging from the comment section on YouTube, players are either confused as to what the game is supposed to be, or incredibly wary — even downright angry — that it’s even a thing considering the state of PC Bless. The game’s not set to come out on XB1 until sometime next year, so I guess we’ll see how all that works out.

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  1. manipulator on September 3, 2018

    Ok another open world fantasy life-like black dessert mmorpg type, at least the industry know what’s on for the lifetime of digital adventure

  2. Dioxety on August 31, 2018

    Looks 100x better then bless online..

    Why didn’t we just get this game instead. Cash grab much.