Here’s a daily dose of WTFery for y’all. (Just in case you haven’t already gotten it somewhere else.) Yesterday, Neowiz announced Bless Unleashed — a free-to-play Bless game just for the Xbox One. If you’re like me, you’re probably making a face reading this. I did when I first saw the news on MMOS. Because at first glance, it seemed that the game that everyone on PC paid for was being offered to console players for free.

Now, according to Neowiz, who posted a FAQ on Bless Unleased on Bless’ site, this isn’t really the case. In fact, according to them, “they’re two separate games in the same universe. Bless Unleashed is not a port of Bless Online to console.”

According to this document, Unleashed is being developed by a studio formed solely to handle this specific game while Bandai Namco Entertainment America will be overseeing publishing of the game. The FAQ also states that the decision to make the console only game was made separately from anything involving Bless Online. It’s also worth noting that Bless Unleashed will be making using of Unreal Engine 4 with “every aspect” of the game being crafted to the console experience.

Obviously, at this point, what the combat, story, or any other feature of the game will be like hasn’t been revealed. But what we do know is that it’s not Bless Online — which probably means PC players who haven’t bought into Bless yet should still expect to do so if they actually want to play the game.


  1. yes it’s free to ignore this and move on to an actual mmorpg with a future instead of falling for this game for the 5th time, we can’t stay retarded forever, i hope nobody new falls into their bull again.

  2. Really scummy developers. Sunk a game hard on the pc platform and now are desperate to make a quick buck by rebranding a polished turd as a special console only game. Lol free to play but I wonder how much bs is hardwired into the game via the cash shop.

  3. It’s spelled like Bless, it smells like Bless, it’s has Neowiz and Bandai Scamco all over it… it’s probably Bless.


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