Heroes and Generals 8 Million

Reto-Moto’s Heroes & Generals crossed a couple of important milestones this month. Only July 11, the World War II simulator celebrated two years on Steam, and today the studio has announced that it has registered over 8 million players for its free-to-play FPS. Reto-Moto CEO Martin Pollas thanked players for their support through the years, which included being “one of the first 10 games to be greenlit by the community on Steam.”

Since the launch — well, the game is still technically in open beta — the team has squashed 3,137 bugs while making 12,716 “tweaks and improvements” to the game. At the very least, that should tell you that Reto-Moto has some excellent dev-tracking software.

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  1. Means nothing, not much people online, game is total shit, camp camp camp camp and camp again, you can kill people in vehicles, only otal ideots running around or using vehicles, i call them dead noobs, they coming and going thats why game is not popular because camping is everything there.

  2. Quit at first public open phase. PLayed a year. Watched updates ruin it to P2W madness. Watched the most stupidest “balance ideas” that piss everyone off. Watched more effort in cash shop than game design. Uninstalled .Went back once. Pure cancer. Uninstalled wrote it off for life. Planet Side2 is the best open world shooter of it’s kind (not WW2 I know) And came out with a new base building mode most people are not even aware of…(And you can spawn resource collecting truck like and collect ressources to help build…it is like a living 3D Starcraft / RED ALERT game now . NON P2W (I have every unlock as a F2Per))

    • And thats before you get into aircraft, where it becomes a regular MMO where you do battle against hordes of annoying NPCs 😛

    • planetside 2 is more shit then this poop, brainless camping again, smaall dots shoot small dots, sit and camp, like in this stupid game there is same shit, if u wana xp just camp forever, difference between factions is zero, brainless devs , soe/daydream another dying shit

  3. The actual players on the other hand, are noticeably less happy with the game. Just take a peek at the user reviews on the Steam page. The reviews list a multitude of reasons that go beyond the usual (though still perfectly valid) complaints of pay2win.


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