Reto-Moto’s World War II FPS Heroes & Generals has joined the Discord line-up. While the game is free-to-play — meaning you don’t need Nitro to access it — there are perks to having Discord’s service. Particularly, Nitro subscribers will get Veteran Membership for free.

Veteran Membership generally costs 2400 Gold ($15 USD) for a month and includes the following items:

  • +25% Credits Earned
  • +75% Warfunds Earned
  • +100% Rank XP Gained per battle
  • +25% Ribbon XP Gained per battle>
  • 1 Additional Extra Combat Badge Slot per character
  • 4th Equipment Slot
  • +5% Squad XP Bonus

Beyond that, players can still purchase gold on their own in amounts ranging from $6 for 1200 gold to $100 for 30,000 gold.

If you’re already subscribed to Nitro, this would be pretty good incentive to download the game on Discord. Whether or not the perk by itself is enough to get players to pay for Nitro is a different story. But, there is the benefit of having access to a growing selection of games.

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    • “running”

      uh …. well technicaly it is … still online ? I guess ?

      Well anyways free veteran for 9,99 is a pretty considerable discount to the VET status , aswell as I think they also gave gold purchases over nitro a 25% discount

      If you want to check out the game and have a good laugh based on the latest updates its probably good

      Just dont sub nitro for 1 year expecting with the sole intention to use it for HG
      Right now its very possible that you will get to use only 2-3 of those months … because of … reasons


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