Heroes & Generals, the World War 2 themed MMOFPS from Denmark based developer Reto-Moto has made the jump from pseudo-browser powered FPS to a full fledged Steam release starting today. The move to Steam marks a long journey for Heroes & Generals as it was one of the first 10 games to actually be Greenlight through Steam almost two years ago.

Since then the FPS has enjoyed a steady amount of updates, adding in new ground and air vehicles, weapons, paratroopers, an improved UI and a more intuitive character progression on top of the usual bug fixes and balance tweaks.

For those who tried Heroes & Generals in the past, but didn’t have much luck with the browser plugin, the addition of a standalone client through Steam should alleviate any outstanding issues while still allowing players to retain their character progress as both versions offer access to the same servers.

To celebrate the launch, Reto-Moto has released a new trailer which features plenty of albeit unintentional comical acting and an appropriate amount of explosions for any World War 2 shooter.

Players interested in trying the game through Steam can utilize their existing account to login and play otherwise they can signup for a new one on the official site here.

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  1. In case anyone is reading the comments, the game is not pay to win. All subscriber status does is give you a percentage of extra money (doesn’t really matter because you have excess after you figure out what you like) and the ability to use two combat badges instead of one (never even noticed this in game).

    The mods you can get for weapons are unlocked the same for subscribers as non-subscribers, same mods are used and even the same damage rates. It is literally ALL the same.

    I think them majority of the people claiming Pay 2 Win are bad players that can’t handle a legitimate FPS game. Sometimes you will go on killing sprees and feel like god, other times you will feel like the unluckiest person in the world. The rendering distance is pretty much the entire map so even if they’re so far away they are just 4 pixels running across your screen you WILL still see them.

    • To comment on another comment, there is no balance and that’s kind of the point.

      The resources the teams have in any given match are controlled by the General side (other players) that has given resources to an area before the battle begins. Sometimes it will be all infantry, sometimes infantry against tanks, sometimes it will be balanced and sometimes you will have no vehicles against tanks and planes.

      What determines this is not the game but other PLAYERS. The resources come from Warbonds which are earned by playing the game. You can then use them to buy Assault Teams and put them in places where you want to fight.

      This is not a Red vs Blue kind of FPS.

  2. I did have some extreme issues with the game’s graphics in browser while it was in alpha, and still played for a little (although i could not see anything that was not somewhat on the same height level as me). So i am not gonna deny the fact that the gameplay is fun.
    Went back in the game several times both in beta and after launch, but always got turned away by the payment model. Still, by the looks of it it seems to work for them quite alright.
    Maybe i will give the Steam client a try to, just to see how it runs. H&G is a good game, but not a good F2P game.

    • What are you talking about? Everything you can get with gold you can get with credits and the only real advantages of veteran status (subscriber) are two combat badges instead of one and more credits when you win.

      I have played over 100 matches in all kinds of scenarios and not once did I ever even think about anything being unfair. This game isn’t P2W at ALL. Everyone can mod their weapons and gold doesn’t give access to any alternative stronger ammo like in World of Tanks, it’s the exact same thing.

  3. great game bowers based performance is always the same endless you have bad internet planet side 2 in WWII seting is the best way to explain it lot of fun.

    • are you serious? its not a browser game anymore, it will pop up a seperate client and thats it. u cant play that on browsers because it will lag(slow fps)

      • plzz don’t talk about that relay being a client learn more about gaming programming that is a relay that can plugin to the sever throw a secure link to stop ddos attack and other such from attacking their severs if you also take a loot at it you will see that it only supply the network data to your browser it stop aim bots and most data ran mapping programs form using game network data to make (hack/ cheats)

        • i cant believe what ur saying on this one. it looks like u dont understand anything either netcode or computer programming. i have played this GAME and this game can be hacked. anything that connects to internet can be DDOSed. Aimbots exist in almost every game this one is not an exception. someone already exploited this cheat and this game doesnt even have security! whatever u say this game runs on seperate client not on a browser.

          • point to me one cheat that works also it wont ( stop ) a ddos attack but will help prevent them if they don’t know the encrypting code for the network that this dose and again it relays network to the browser nothing more if you have a prof otherwise plzz present it if not don’t bother arguing. again this 25 mb file dose not run preloaded map data from your computer it makes the game load data from the network and displays it throw the browser btw net-code has almost no factor in this conversation besides the basic relaying task if you want to prove me wrong prof plzz otherwise buzz off

  4. I think I playedit before. Its a bad game. The reviews on steam also said this. Some of them even said theres lots of Pay2Win

      • “pay to advance”, lol. Every single pay2win game is “pay to advance” or else grind forever to get your gear. Pay2win element is strong in this game.

        • not pay to win all the items in the game you can earn plzz look up the definition to pay to win before you bother talking nonsense because in no way shape or form is this pay to win and fyi not all are you heard of PS2? right go on their forum and ask if its pay to win..

    • So you aren’t even sure that you’ve played it, but you’re sure that it’s bad? Lol. Even those negative reviews are voted down as unhelpful.

      As for pay to win… The only advantage paying players get is having 2 slots for badges instead of 1. There’s only 1 badge that clearly makes character “stronger” for every class, so 2 badges don’t make you any more dangerous.


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