If you’ve been holding off on taking Heroes of the Storm 2.0 for a beta test drive, now you’ll have to jump in as Blizzard Entertainment has released the revamped free-to-play MOBA. Along with all of the content changes we’ve previously reported here and here, 2.0 brings even MORE updates and changes with its launch.

On the actual heroes front, 2.0 comes with the release of pro gamer turned mech pilot D.Va. The Nexus Challenge also returns giving players of both Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm a chance to net in-game prizes with their friends over the next four weeks.

That “new” continues though as Checkpoint: Hanamura introduces a single payload tug-of-war where one team attacks, driving their payload directly into the enemy core to achieve victory, and another team defends, fighting back the attackers to delay their approach. Both sides need to be quick—the clock’s ticking. Special Delivery takes the Pulse Bomb to new heights in a dual payload scrum.

There’s more too! So much so that Heroes fans should pay a visit to the new 2.0 site for all of the details, but be warned, you’ll be there so early some of the pages still aren’t up as of this writing.

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  1. I just cant enjoy this game. Some heroes feel too good (and are, which makes other heroes useless IMO) like that auriel healer that i think is too OP. You need good coordination and a team that can play the objective and know when to fall back. Otherwise, it will be just a one-sided match, either for you or the enemy team.


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