After recently wrapping up its closed beta, OGPlanet has revealed their upcoming MMO Heva Clonia Online will be returning in open beta form on October 17th through October 30th. Not surprisingly, the MMO which has you clone cuddly monsters as pets garnered quite a fanbase during its stint in closed beta. Like most recent open betas, all progress made during Heva Clonia’s open beta will carry over into the full launch.

As for improvements made in between the closed and open beta, OGPlanet released an open beta FAQ which stated the publisher was “working with the developers to continuously improve the game” while fixing bugs and improving the localization whose issues had reared their ugly heads in the form of broken English and confusing quests. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the FAQ also stated that Heva Clonia Online will only be available in North America.

We recently shared our first impressions of Heva Clonia Online, where we found the games atmosphere surprisingly charming, but overshadowed by quest repetitiveness.

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  1. Matriuska on October 12, 2013

    seriously, who finances this kind of games? it will be a fail like all the other randoms pve shit mmo, WE WANT A OPEN-WORLD PVP MMO, PVP, PVP AND MORE PVP, CAREBEARS R A MINIMUM PART OF MMO GAMES, PVE SUCK

    • Bic Boi on October 14, 2013

      You mad bro? PVE games are more successful since it’s easier to build content that takes a while instead of a few stale battlegrounds. Oh and Open World PVP always devolves into gankfests but hey; if that’s how you want it then I’m sure you can enjoy your stale, non-evolving PVP. There’s a reason all the super successful games have some form of PVE (with the exception of EVE). But I’m sure you would know since you’ve totally invested millions of dollars in an mmo’s developmentohwait…no you haven’t.

      Enjoy your roid rage. 🙂

  2. Tepren on October 11, 2013

    Its IP Blocked, that son of a b**ch!

    • xShadowflare on October 11, 2013

      In what regions is it region blocked?

      • Marlblanke on October 11, 2013

        Q: What regions are able to play the Beta?
        A: At this time we have obtained the publishing rights for Heva Clonia Online in North America. We understand there are many eager fans from around the world, and we’ll be looking into expanding our service region in the future.

        Clicking the link above is hard.

  3. whateverguy on October 11, 2013

    Still region blocked?

  4. SiiKGaming on October 10, 2013

    You guys are stupid lol

    Without grinding everybody would get max level in no time ruining the game and economy… that in every single games.

    • Bic Boi on October 11, 2013

      You seem to believe that grind must equate to level when there are a handful of games that in fact you can max out your level within a handful of hours. DCUO is one example of this; the economy doesn’t come from or have any real relation to level. It comes from gear, base decorations, materials for crafting, etc.

      So in fact you, sir, are the stupid one for your prior statement.

  5. hahah on October 10, 2013

    stupid korean grind crap with anime graphics. will launch and be shutdown by next year when another korean mmo takes it place.

  6. Bic Boi on October 10, 2013

    Unoriginal and bland. It is certainly not the first game to have monster companions and there are games that have done it better than this.

  7. Zopto on October 10, 2013

    this game was first revealed in 2010/11 that something in Korea … it is very fun game i suggest to try…yes there is grind but every f2p game have grind now >.>

  8. Yush on October 10, 2013

    This time i’ll actually be able to play it as i wont be suffering from no internet during the beta.

    I have to say i hope this goes into full release as this is a style game i really enjoy playing. (I don’t mind a game you have to grind in if you have something like a partner option that’s interchangeable because you can enjoy trying to find the best monster to team up with.)

    Also if i’m correct this game has a splitting class advancement at high levels? If that’s the case that’s another plus for me 😛

  9. fsafa on October 10, 2013

    this game looks boring

  10. hovsep on October 10, 2013

    heva clonie ? more like heva GRINDia

  11. imphoteb on October 10, 2013

    lets try it

  12. WetTaco on October 9, 2013

    Mount and Spade

  13. Splat on October 9, 2013

    Worth :3