Gameforge announced its latest update for the free-to-play digital card game Hex: Shards of Fate. Titled “The Chronicles of Entrath,” the new update offers a simplified introduction with a new tutorial.

Being a PvE-centric update, The Chronicles of Entrath also features new dungeons and quests, and 200 free cards for those starting out.

For details on what went into creating The Chronicles of Entrath, check out this post written by game designer Darkfall.

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  1. Lol, people still play this garbage?! The game is not free to play at all, why are you sriting about it? it has a small pathetic portion that you can “play for free”. If you actually want to play PvP you would need to spend more then 4000$ to get all the cards.

    The game was and still is a joke.


    • i couldn’t agree more total garbage. the auction house system is stupid. everything is so overpriced and inflated there’s no point in even trying. then you got these cards you cant even use in games because they were banned in pvp? game hasnt been around long enough to have a standard edition. i uninstalled after about 1 week. total play time 8hours. F that trash


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