Tribes Ascend (2)

Sometimes, game companies need to make painful decisions. In a brief interview with PCGamer at TwitchCon, Hi-Rez Studios President Stewart Chisam expressed happiness that the company was restarting work on Tribes: Ascend, but was realistic about the game’s prospects.

“None of us felt good about the state it was left in,” Chisam said while confirming that SMITE had taken up much of the company’s bandwidth. But even with the new development going on, Tribes: Ascend is more of a “passion project” that Hi-Rez doesn’t think it’ll ever make money from.

“[We have] four or five people working on Tribes full time, and I’d love to keep that team around for a while … It’s starting to feel more like the old Tribes games.”

You can check out the new direction for Tribes: Ascend by downloading the public test server.

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  1. Oh Hi-Rez, it never ends with you guys does it? Lies, deception, more lies..abandon game, repeat. The only thing High about Hi-rez is that somebody over there is smoking something good to think that kind of business tactic is at all healthy..

  2. And then they did the whole bait-and-switch thing by teasing Global Agenda 2, then calling it a spiritual successor to GA, which rather heavy changes, then announcing Paladins, which has absolutely nothing spiritually succeeding from GA at all…

  3. Thanks for the news. Got the pts downloading now. Checked out the patch notes and it looks like they’re finally putting a good amount of elements in from previous Tribes games that were missing with this one. Looking forward to playing.

  4. Their entire game profile is heaping turds of ignorance and neglect…oh it does not stop at TRIBES. They have their Sci FI mmorpg as well. It was a literal game breaker new idea making creative game… then it just got DUMPED down the drain. Abandon ware. Instead of building on it they worked on FPS TRIBES. Ok, was ok, Abandon TRIBES, then they started talking about making a sequel to the sci Fi MMORPG. But they wanted to strip it of the exploited “hard work” and keep the pvp parts only…basically just create the arena… And then, that just never got any more chatter….then later poof. SMITE. A meh arena fail moba on that brainless level as PANZAR.


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