Global Agenda 2? A better Tribes? Whatever Hi-Rez Studios has up its sleeves, we’ll find out tomorrow, as was revealed on the Smite Twitter feed today:

So… yeah. We know Hi-Rez has been working on something for a while, and the company is expanding its HQ building by 9,000 square feet, with plans to add 75 jobs over the next few months. The company’s already got a MOBA and a hero shooter, to fit with the mandate that every game company must have at least one of these in its portfolio, so that doesn’t leave much. A CCG? Survival game? *gasp* MMORPG?

We’ll keep you updated and publish whatever we learn after tomorrow’s big reveal. What do you think it’ll be?


  1. I’d like to see them take another crack at Tribes, since i crave that type of game so much. They probably won’t though, given the niche audience and the previous failiure :/

  2. I’m not a huge fan of Hi-Rez but it would be nice if we can get some more studios or developer companies besides blizzard entertainment who can make good games instead of p2w trash like what most of the MMO industry seems to be doing.

    • kid stop trolling around. I have seen you in one other article also licking blizzard behind and posting vomit.
      activision/blizzard is a pathetic company and their HS game proves it.

      so do us a favor and stop talking from your behind.

      Ok sonny? Take care now my sweet child. and do try not to be so butthurt 😉

      • Activision is shit, I agree. Blizzard isn’t. You, like that other guy Treadhead are just bitter that Blizzard is actually a good developer. Go cry yourself to sleep while Blizzard keeps making millions.

      • Yeah Nifty I’m talking about blizzard I don’t really care much for activision (the activision company itself without blizzard) and the games they produce like call of duty and destiny and all the other games they got from what i found from searching up their company. But I like blizzard because they are a good developer and I thought it was sad activision and blizzard are merged their companies and formed a partnership but at least activision didn’t ruin the way blizzard built games otherwise blizzard would of been ruined.

    • I don’t get how you think I’m trolling MrRight? I’m only talking out of literal sense I mean it would make more sense if more studio companies or developers actually put in more effort like blizzard because most MMO’s nowadays are trash and rarley any are good. I’m not a blizz fan like you think I am I’m just supporting somebody who makes decent content. I admit Hi-Rez makes decent games even though I’m not a fan of what they make but mobas aren’t my favorite thing in the world and I don’t like any of their games. I admit they got some talent but they don’t make anything I like.

    • Bascially what I’m saying which I didn’t include is blizzard acomplished alot which is why they are as big as they are now and set a standard in the MMO genre. Most devs and publishers just try to hop on the cash wagon and be lazy and not try to acomplish much.

      • All Blizzard has ever done is jump on other peoples cash cows and market them into even bigger cash cows.

        CnC – > Warcraft RTS, Starcraft
        Everquest – > WoW
        Mobas -> HoTS
        MTG -> Heartstone
        TF2 -> Overwatch

        They didn’t even create the Diablo franchise, they just bought the studio that did.

        The Blizzard formula is to let other people do 90% of the designing then take what works and add lots of production value.

        • Are you bitter that Blizzard is actually a good developer? Because you’re naming a few similar games, but face it. Blizzard did it all better. That’s why everyone plays it. Yet you fail to name other developers who “copied” concepts and failed.

          Dude you are an idiot and you know nothing. They bought the company that did Diablo? HAHAHAHAH. Learn to read or do your research better. Cause your post is complete bullshit.

        • this guy is a blizzard hater. your post is kinda sad, cuz pretty much 90% of what you said is crap. where did you get the info? some tabloid website? and why are you only comparing blizzard games to the first named ones? and the mobas one made me laugh the most…. warcraft 3 was basically the source of moba’s. dota was a mod in wc3 and the moba was therefore born. you are a retard without any knowledge

        • I’m not even a fan of the diablo franchise anyway. Or heros of the storm of starcraft but I gotta agree with raven and craigv your just being bitter.

          • I ment or starcraft. Curse the typos ;-; but there are very few games I perfer from blizzard. but they are a good developer but their partner activision is horrible.

      • Yeah but the point is at least somebody is trying. I haven’t heard of any big named companies that makes these types of games besides blizzard. I literally haven’t so either I haven’t noticed the others yet or they don’t exist. But I know some big named titles like GTA online,ESO, and Eve online but idk if they got the playerbase blizzard has. But if that really happened treadhead then I wouldn’t be suprised. But all i gotta say is at least one company is trying to make it big the others are just……


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