Wargaming’s been slowly drumming up the hype for their latest 9.0 revamp to World of Tanks for some time now culminating in its official release today. The update touts legendary new features including upgrades to the game’s physics, improved model quality and the long awaited Historical Battle mode. Ok, so maybe the update isn’t quite “legendary”, but in context the latest additions give veteran players plenty of reasons to hop in their favorite tank and scope out the new landscape.

Visually, World of Tanks has never been a looker, however thanks to update 9.0’s new “high definition” models, players can now enjoy watching their tanks rumble forth -and explode- in glorious HD. The downside is only ten of WoT’s 200+ tanks currently enjoy a new coat of paint, which means Wargaming has quite a ways to go before everyone is happy.

Updated models mean nothing if tanks drive like rigid boxes on fixed wheels. Like previously mentioned, Wargaming is set to address the less than stellar suspension physics with the introduction of a new, more advance physics model which individually affects each part of a tank’s wheels and treads as it moves across uneven terrain.

Historical Battles are also on the table in 9.0 as Wargaming will finally be adding the long awaited mode which accurately pits two nation’s tanks against each other in an attempt to recreate famous World War II engagements. In total three new historically-based battles will be available with specific tank restrictions for each.

Players will also find several of World of Tank’s existing maps revamped in order to provide a more balanced gameplay experience. Further details concerning these reworked maps along with more info regarding the rest of the changes found in update 9.0 can be found in the official blog post here.

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  1. One of the worst games on the markets. If you pay attention the other production video, they tell you the Nation battle was not possible because some nation tanks and certain models just are OP And ruin the experience. They said they tried mixing battles so you have 1 OP tank and VS 5 normal ration. That “did not work”…
    In 2013 they announced the game was to P2W for noob experience so they expanded the tree so that the P2W mix is larger (meaning you literally recycle Tier 1 and 2 with new people not paying more often then hop into the pay tiers with the others…it takes forever to grind out to tier 10 as a F2P so you are literally locked out of the pay champs until you cough it up). Thankfully the win lose ration is not to bad as a F2P if you enjoy being stuck between tier 1 and 4 for a LONG time. But yeah, all the fans that cried: “It is not P2W” and then 2013 comes around and the company officially agrees it is P2W and they wanted it “less” LOLOLOLOL in your face.
    And the gold ammo excuse is lame. 1 or 2 gold ammo users in a match not bad. But when overwhelmend it is cheat. But now it is coin purchasable and not gold alone and it some of it got nerfed so it is not really an upgrade, but all and all…IT is the crews t any tier that are P2W. If you tweak your crew just right and purchase the high priced parts just right, you can take a heavy tank at the speed of a light tank, rush into a group of 3 people, spin a 360 and kill each person 1 shot, and roll on like a pro. Not possible as a F2P non gold crew that gives these bonuses to shot, speed, and armor. That said, it takes the “realism out of the game…Wargammings entire “excuse” for Nation wars…”We did not balance the tanks because we want it “real””. Horse crap excuse. They do not balance it because MONEY. Otherwise, by design, nothing reflects realism in this game.
    But that takes some one who actually plays to understand. Most people just “LOOK TANK SHOOT AHAHAH fun”. Or the ones that pretend they know because “I have been playing since OB” and they are the fan bois. The blind fan who gives 5 bucks and has to defend his purchase by turning blind eye to the fail of a fail game…
    NAil in the coffin. Game has died in 3rd country gaming land. EU has 0 English players. Good EU games have mostly FR, GR, and UK, and USA players. This game disgusted them so much it is now North EU and Russian hands. Good luck finding a group that speaks english. Both EU1 and EU2 servers have 0 english. OR badly spoken english. Making clanning a horrible experience.
    These are the same countries that have no anti hacking policies and eat up these fail titles and keep them alive. Look at Knight Online, it failed bad all over the world but the greeks hold on to that game like gold.

    • WTF have you been playing? Certainly not WOT!
      What you ramble about is far from my experience.
      As for the game dying, how come the amount of players online keeps increasing on EU servers?

      • i will assume u either havent played this for like a year or u just talk shit about it cause u either had bad experience in it(most likely the reason imo)or wargaming just banned u permanently cause u were being a d…. shooting allies all over the place so people just dont feed the troll pretty simple 😛


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