If there’s one thing that’s been missing from World of Tanks (and F2P tank games in general) it’s the feeling of impact on your surroundings. I’m not just talking about pushing a tree over here and there, or rolling over a fence, I’m talking about the raw force exerted when a Tiger tank weighing 62 tons crashes into another tank or shoots a 16-pound explosive into an unlucky house.

It’s something even WoT’s main competitor, War Thunder: Ground Forces, doesn’t have, so its no wonder Wargaming is paying special attention to this area in their next set of major updates for the tank sim.

For the most part, fancy physics effects associated with large impacts are often reserved for games like Battlefield who have both the time and resources to tackle the added debris interaction. However, Wargaming is moving forward with ambitious plans to pile on the physics effects in their quest for more realistic tank warfare.

Wargaming’s new dev diary does a swell job explaining how World of Tank’s mostly static environment will transform into a war torn battlefield as tank shells wiz through the air. Buildings will now take damage based upon the angle and type of projectile fired through it. Explosive rounds will send house fragments flying while armor piercing rounds will merely punch large openings, leaving most of the structure intact. Of course you could always just ram your tank through structures, watching as your tank climbs over the dynamic rubble.

World of Tank’s tanks are also getting better at looking the part, with physics improvements being made to how tank wheels and treads react to the terrain beneath them. The new movement model even makes changes to each tanks “spring stiffness” which affects how the vehicle handles as it moves across both small and large bumps.

Wargaming hasn’t stated if all these additions will make it into WoT’s upcoming 9.0 update, but players can at least expect the suspension changes along with the ability to blow off a tank’s turret and a new shading technique which will improve how different surfaces look. World of Tank’s 9.0 update has yet to receive an official release date.

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  1. This game will still suck compared to War Thunder imo.

    The WW2 artillery that has satellite aiming as well as the invisible ww2 tanks that are 350 meters away don’t really appeal to me, among other things.

    • its funny i am the EXACT opposite of what u are lol i prefer mainly tanks than airplanes not a big air guy ground is more my style 😛

      • I was pretty much referring to War Thunder ground forces (The tank part of the game) being better than World of tanks.

        • hmm i did hear they were planning to add tanks to War thunder as wel in the future.did they do that now?cause if yes i would probably redl it to check it out.Technecly what i am asking is did they add tanks in war thunder(as in an update) or they remade a game which is pretty much JUST tanks(like wot)and named it war thunder ground forces?kinda confused guide me here if u can 😛

  2. i will probably return to this game just to test out all those things when the update is released and might even stay but it all depends how much time it will take me to get tired of getting 1-2 shotted again lol

  3. I dont understand why this game is so overhyped. Its not very good at all. You can kill other tanks in literally 1 shot. It looks absolutely boring.

    • just watch the video.. dear god who gives a shit… this is so stupid. i dont get it. this is an mmo ?? Is the Russian military funding this game ?

      • Then you are very stupid, this game is probably one of the best tank simulator games out there, yes there are some tanks that can take out another tank with one hit, thus being called tank destroyers. Every tank in the game has been programmed to the specifics of its real world counter part. This is why the game is so hyped.
        Anyways this game is not considered an MMO but more of a TPS due to the fact that it is match based. If you want a TPS or even FPS MMO try Defiance, PlanetSide 2 or even the upcoming Destiny.

  4. The destruction physics look more interesting and natural than BF4’s one-dimensional “levelution”. Nice to see a company use some of the vast amount of money it milked from an F2P game to raise the production values for once. I might install this just to plow through buildings until I get stuck.

    • Could not agree more, the Destruction looks really great even thought we had better Destruction and Physics ages ago when PhysX was first announced yet i would say that warGaming is still a company using the money in the best ways, improving the Game, and unlike EA which use the money to Destroy the game.


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