While many MOBA’s are trying their hardest to keep themselves from being compared to the genre’s origins; sometimes going so far as to create splinter-genres, Chaos Heroes Online isn’t afraid to face its past. In fact, it embraces it. A new video from Aeria Games dives headfirst into the forgotten history of the original DoTA and the events which led to the birth of Chaos Heroes Online.

To many, DotA Allstars is known as being the “original” DotA. It was in fact, one of many spin-offs at the time, which just so happened to find extreme popularity due to its added features. Another version called DotA: Chaos found an audience among players in South Korea.

So while DotA Allstars eventually became DotA 2, Dota: Chaos apparently became Chaos Heroes Online. Since both are based on the original Warcraft 3 mod, it’s for this reason Chaos Heroes Online shares similar traits with other versions of DotA.

But while Chaos Heroes shares similarities with its brethren, it also differs from them by retaining many more RTS components; all of which were designed to provide faster-paced and more intense action.’

As someone who only played a handful of games in DotA Allstars, but whose got several hundred hours of playtime in DotA 2. The idea of trying out another ‘legitimate’ iteration of DotA is appealing to some degree.

What are your thoughts on Chaos Heroes Online’s past?

Michael Dunaway has been part of the MMOBomb team for years and has covered practically every major Free-to-Play title since 2009. In addition to contributing First Look videos and news articles, Michael also serves as the Community Manager for the upcoming MMORPG, Skyforge.


  1. They should’ve just drop this on steam and call it a day. I don’t fancy Aeria games as former member of years playing their games when Eden was hot.

  2. I saw a lot of trashtalk for Aeria Game but guys this is not MMORPG it’s MOBA,and in every game of this genre we see there are only skins and stuffs like this to buy with real money so stop the trashtalk and comment the game properly. As far as I could see I can say it’s a good game and I am going to try it.

    • Google Realm of the Titans, this was their earlier try at the MOBA market back in 2011. Do you know what happened with it? It went through 2 betas and then vanished permanently. I’m afraid that if aeria deems that this game wont be able to compete with the market giants then this game will also go the same route. However the item shop of realm of the titans was filled with wings, mounts and other fluff. The way to gain in game currency was through a minigame where you opened boxes to gain it and you could spend real money to get more box openers. It wasnt a terrible item shop however you have to remember that the game never left closed beta before getting shut down.

    • In different MOBA games I’ve seen publishers sell skins, heroes (sometimes stronger than starting ones), temporary buffs (not exp and money buffs, but buffs to effectiveness like +10% to damage), permanent buffs, even better gear and stronger skills in some cases. It looks like you’ve only played some of the best western MOBAs and now think that they’re all like that.

  3. The game looks nice i would play the game if i get invited i just want to quit dota 2 because it gives me headaches and makes me really mad. Right now i play strife a moba that is very relaxing. if i get invited to this game i will get again really competitive xD

  4. Not gonna lie but I don’t see Aeria Games releasing a game like this without some cash shop trap or crap. And as we all know, games of this genre kinda need that neutral cash shop plan to be well recieved by the players.

    So all in all, I have nothing against the game, go for it guys. However I don’t see the game getting released in the west without aeria messing it up through the cash shop.

  5. I’ve read DotA history beforehand and knew about DotA: Chaos becoming the defining DotA game in Korea for a long time, but nothing beyond that. Hmm…

    I think it’s pretty cool. One thing though…Valve recently released their Source 2 editor for Dota 2…and people have already been remaking all their favourite old maps as well as porting current games such as LoL (with all the champions, brush, jungle buffs etc.) to it. If say someone were to remake DotA: Chaos in it…and considering Dota 2’s popularity (second in the genre to LoL)…there’s a strong likelihood that Chaos Heroes Online wouldn’t really make that much of an impact compared to the rest of the games.


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