If you’ve felt that the Klingons haven’t gotten all the love they should in Star Trek Online (Perhaps some of the Klingon-focused content feels a bit dated?) then this may be what you’ve been waiting for. As it turns out, 2020 is the “Year of Klingon” for STO players. This means a few things, all of them good.

First, players can expect some new (as yet unsubscribed) Klingon content. The only thing we know about this is that it will involve J’Ula and her crew. But, that’s not all the love the Klingons will be getting. The STO team is also hard at work updating older content to bring it in-line with what players expect from the game now. This means work is being done both on the aesthetics front so that everything will look pretty and on the tech front making the gameplay itself better. Previous crew members will get new models, ships will receive new skins, and environments and cut-scenes will be getting some new polish.

Of course, all this work is going to take a while — probably the rest of the year, and will roll out over time. To keep players up to date on what’s happening, the STO team has decided to offer peeks at the upcoming content in a few ways: via Twitter on #StovokorSaturdays, when they debut a new piece of content, via artist streams on the STO Twitch channel, and of course in Ten Forward weekly interviews.

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  1. It is taking a long time for older “live” game devs to think about game engine, & mechanics upgrading.


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