On July 26, Revelation Online players will be able to grab their own little piece of land in the game and start decorating. The update, titled Safe Haven, will introduce the apartments feature. Open to players over level 40, the feature allows players to purchase private space in game.

The space is a customizable instance located at the Tortoise Inn. Each instance consists of nine rooms, so be prepared to have eight neighbors. Players can choose from over 160 different items to decorate the apartment with and can even share their door-key with friends.

Also being introduced in the update is the Archaelology system. Details on the Safe Haven update are available on the Revelation Online site.

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  1. They lost a lot of their community cause of the cash shop etc and they still just getting new things out… how much its gonna cost this time?

    • Looks like they’re just trying to copy ArcheAge. Which is a pile of crap anyhow.

      This is why I’m so bored of MMORPGs nowadays. They’re all the same, especially Fantasy-based ones. In a way, quite glad I’m at the mid-30’s and have experienced gaming when it was fresh and innovative. Now it’s just a shallow husk of what it once was. Players milked dry by greedy developers, games saturated with boring content and built upon lies and broken dreams.

      • i only see truth here i totally agree youre right these mmorpgs nowadays are all the same the comapanies nowadays just care about the money they just want to manipulate the dumb mass because they know some people will still play the game even if is not 100% because exist people to support this shit thats why they still trying these shots in the dark,i think starcitizen will be a innovation for online games we know these days they will change everything we now about online games thats will be a real innovation these mmorpgs should do that innovate change everything,but anyways i dont care about these companies if they fall i will cheer all night theyre all greedy.


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