A new Witcher game is coming this month. The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a new AR RPG developed by Spokko, a division of CD Projekt Red. Set before CDPR’s Witcher series, Monster Slayer is a world in which monsters roam freely and in large numbers. Witchers are a newly minted group necessary for culling the creepy masses.

As an AR game, Monster Slayer changes the real world into a dark-fantasy realm with a little help from mobile devices. Players take on the role of a new witcher and hunt the creatures roaming their own home town.

Prior to the game’s launch on both iOS and Android on July 21, players using the latter device can pre-register via Google Play and receive an exclusive sword to hunt monsters with. This sword provides players with 10% more XP.

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    • Well if it’s anything like Pokemon GO, emulating on PC is gonna be useless. You find the monsters as you go around the real world, i doubt you’re gonna get many in your home, lol.


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