Hunt: Showdown Kicks Off “Biggest Live Event Ever” Including The 1st Ever "Appearance Evolving" Hunter

“Serpent Moon” will run for two months.

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Hunt Showdown Snake Event

Hunt: Showdown is being invaded by snakes. Lots and lots of snakes, and players are going to have to deal with these deadly serpents for the next sixty days. The snakes will appear in dens of the bayou during the Serpent Moon event and players will need to seek them out, capture them, and sacrifice them on altars. That is, of course, while avoiding becoming prey themselves. In order to catch the snakes, players will need to be as quiet as possible when approaching them.

Players will definitely want to capture and sacrifice the snakes rather than kill them because doing so will offer them more rewards in the end. Rewards include weapons and Blood Bonds, among other things.

Those who join in on the event will be able to try out a new Legendary Hunter named “Viper”. This character will be the first in the game to visually evolve as players progress, with the number of evolution stages depending on the player’s chosen battle pass path. Those on the free version will get two, the paid version will get six. More details are available on the Hunt: Showdown site.

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