Change is afoot in Hyper Scape as Season 2 gets underway today. Following the “Blackout,” the game’s fictional servers are back online, though some things have changed and players are tasked to discover “the truth behind the Hyper Scape.”

The Atrax “sticky gun” is the new weapon for this season, launching globules that explode immediately when they hit a player or after a short delay if they hit a surface. The new Platform hack comes later in the season and is basically a horizontal version of the Wall hack, letting you create a horizontal space to launch your attacks from or to block off other players’ verticality. Even the map itself has a new feature, the Memorial, meant to commemorate everyone who was lost during the Blackout. You remember them, don’t you?

Two new game modes also arrive with this season: The Floor is Lava, which is about what it sounds like, and Crown Rush Duo, which lets teams of two compete to come out on top. And there’s naturally a new season pass you can dig into, with rewards a-plenty. If free stuff is more your taste, you can now receive a free daily gift from the shop each day you log in. For every six Daily Gifts you pick up, you’ll receive one Special Gift.

Learn more about everything in Season 2, including the quality-of-life and ranking system changes, as well as the damage fall-off at long range for all weapons, on the Hyper Scape site.

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