Magic: Legends is hosting a weekend event offering players the opportunity to obtain even more useful World Enchantments. During the Maro’s Monkey Business event, players can craft up to three more of these enchantments per day. These enchantments are event specific and crafted at the Aetheric Core, instead of the Prophetic Quill, and are used to make adjustments to how play works.

Two enchantments of note are Scholar’s Benefit and Color Alliance. The first prevents passive healing between encounters but allows the use of healing spells and drawing cards to refill the health pool. The second requires thought on the part of the player to use in that they must construct a solid two-color deck. It will reduce base mana regeneration by 50% while offering 1 mana any time the player casts a spell using one of their deck colors.

As noted before, this is a weekend event. So it will come to an end on Monday May 10. Keep in mind that despite the fact the event increases the amount of enchantments a player can receive, the caps remain the same.


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