It’s not the most complex game out there, but I could watch DoubleDutch Games’ SpeedRunners for hours. In fact, I’ve done just that at conventions when I had downtime between appointments, rooting for “pink unicorn girl” or “chicken man” as I stood enthralled on the edge of publisher tinyBuild’s booth. What, “shark boy” won? Curse him!

(Yes, I know they have actual names. Wait, pink unicorn girl is a guy? I’ve had that wrong for years!)

The base game goes for $14.99 on Steam, where it’s sold 1.5 million copies, but starting on June 1, it’ll be available on Xbox One for the low, low price of zero. Well, that’s assuming you have Xbox LIVE Gold membership, of course, as all free-to-play games on the XB1 still require that kind of up-front purchase.

Still, if you’ve got Gold already, snag this freebie, especially if you have friends who you can play SpeedRunners with. We take no responsibility if they rapidly become your enemies.


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