TitanReach Finds Miracle Backer, Will Be Fully Funded

Anonymous benefactor backs indie MMO with 'no strings attached'

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A few weeks ago, it looked like the end of the road for indie MMORPG TItanReach, whose developers said that its "funds have dried up." Remarkably, though, developer Square Root Studios has received a reprieve, as an anonymous backer has contributed the money required to continue development of the game.

Lead developer Unravel announced via the game's Discord that "TITANREACH HAD BEEN FULLY FUNDED" and that the money comes with "No strings attached." Who needs a successful Kickstarter when you've got someone like that in your pocket?

YouTuber KiraTV got an interview with Unravel, as well as the backer, who will fund the game in its entirety until it's finished -- amazingly, without any contract paperwork or legal obligations. The backer said that he thought the dev team was "hard-working, dedicated, and passionate" and "have been trying to build something cool, but with very little resources at their disposal." He stated that he did the same thing with another game in the past, but those developers "ran away with it."

As for Unravel himself, he thought the initial offer was "a joke" becuase it "was too easy, too casual. It made no sense and I didn't even entertain further talks." Upon doing some research, Unravel decided that his mysterious benefactor could be trusted and authorized payment for an unspecified amount. As it turned out, his account was gifted with double the agreed-upon amount, after which Unravel "walked around the house in disbelief"; his wife thought he looked like a "lost puppy dog."

Unravel said that scope will remain the same, without additional feature creep to bloat the project. He intends to increase team size to about 23, which will allow for greater specialization, and raise their pay. He said that the game will go back into private development, though there will be occasional alphas and betas for players to experience the game.

Both Kira and Unravel frequently used the "too good to be true" maxim to describe the unbelievable turn of fortune, but they're convinced that the benefactor was honest in his dealings. Good for TitanReach and Square Root Studios, and may we all be so fortunate in our times of need.

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