The developers of Inferna announced an affiliate program for its upcoming free-to-play MMO today. Titled Inferna Share, the program offers players a way to earn a little cash for encouraging others to give the game a try.

Effectively, players can apply to become a “contributor.” Once approved, the contributor will receive an affiliate link they can share with others who may be interested in trying out the game. The link will be good for 6 months, during which time the contributor will earn $0.15 for every referred player who actively plays the game. (What is considered “actively” playing hasn’t been revealed yet.)

Beyond that, the announcement also states that the contributor will receive 10% of the net revenue that Inferna earns from the referred players. We’re assuming this means the contributor will earn a share of whatever the players they refer purchase in from the game shop.

To be paid, the contributor will need to earn at least $30 USD.

If you’d like to find out more about the program — or to sign up for it — you can find more information in the application.

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  1. couldn’t find less eye-disturbing screenshot? 😀
    WTH happened to his hand…arm…posture? Who the hell gonna play such ugly f2p indie trash in 2019?
    Does that thing even worth the time you’ve invested into short article?

    Also: 30 USD divided by 15 cent equals 200 ‘active’ players…link is valid for 6 U have 6 months to earn 30 USD by suggesting horrible trash to 200 people. and U can also get 10% from money spent by those people U’ve suggested it.
    So in the end, you’re gonna suggest 200 people install some crappy game, ‘actively’ play it…and on top of that spend their real cash for it…
    Jerk simulator 2020 (c).
    Doubt that comment even get approved by mmobomb’s moderators.

    • Arkanpher: Who the hell gonna play such ugly f2p indie trash in 2019?


      I’m at least going to give it a try. Looks interesting. I played a little bit of Metin2 back in the day and if this game aims to recapture that feeling and improve upon it, I don’t see anything bad about it.

    • since there are not real good new mmorpgs aside from astellia, i think a lot of people gonna try it, also their official discord has over 2k people so, don’t be mad, let em be

      • Well…why bother with new (which always fail and get shut down in less than half year) if we have good old:
        -ArcheAge (for SIMS-nerds)
        -Black Desert (for GRAPHICS-nerds)
        -Blade and Soul (for WIGLEBOOB&BUTT-nerds)
        -Elder Scrolls Online (for TES-nerds)
        -Final Fantasy XIV (for FF-nerds)
        -Guild Wars 2 (for #IdontCareAboutOtherPopularMMO-nerds).
        -Lineage 2/Classic/Essence (for GRIND-nerds)
        -PSO2 (coming early 2020)
        -Star Wars The Old Republic (for SW-nerds…even F2P part now is huge)
        -World of Warcraft/Classis (for WC-nerds)
        “Nerd” in those cases is NOT used as abusive word.
        MMOs listed just in alphabetical order, nothing personal.


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