Bigpoint has introduced a new steam powered Dwarf to the lineup of available heroes in their ARPG Drakensang Online. The “Dwarf” class is a Steam Mechanicus, capable of remarkable engineering feats. These Dwarfs use their superior technical know-how, along with steam harnessed from the Earth’s core to fuel rocket jumps and even setup their own line of automated turrets.

Of course, Dwarfs don’t just let their machines do all the work. The Mechanicus is also a capable midrange fighter, strapped to the T with explosive ammunition including rockets, bombs, shrapnel shots, and more. While short and stout in nature, the Dwarf can manage to be quite slippery in the right hands. Several explosive stuns, oil spills, and a Dwarf-in-the-Box distraction ensures enemies remain safely at range while a steam powered jet pack can provide a quick getaway, even over cliffs.

Perhaps the Dwarf’s greatest skill is his “IronDwarf” suit. When activated the Dwarf clads himself in full steampunk armor allowing him to go toe to toe with enemies on the frontlines of battle.

The new class wont be fully available until the release of Drakensang’s 114 update. Until then premium players have a chance at getting a head start during a special two week sneak peak event. Once update 114 is released, all players can unlock the Dwarf class by leveling a character past level 35. In the preview post, Bigpoint states the overall majority of pre-existing Drakensang players already posses a character above level 35. The developer felt by making this class only available to those that have reached this mark it would act as a reward for long time players.

Drakensang Online started originally started out browser based, but has since added a downloadable client.

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  1. This game is fantastic….but one thing bothers me so hard….its pay to win :/
    o and guys this game isnt dead,it has about 20 million players where 1/2 million people are pretty active..

  2. I play often in my chef office when I gotta get away from paperwork late at night. Nice for a browser game. Nice they added another class. Hope they keep it up.


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