It's All About The Mounts In This New World Deep Dive

Lions and horses and wolves, oh my.

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If you're half as excited as I am about mounts in New World, then this is the update for you. AGS has released a deep dive video and blog post looking at mounts in the MMORPG and what the new systems will look like.

Mounts will double your standard sprinting speed and, as you progress them, you'll earn buffs and attachments to further personalize them. Complete mount quests or feed your mount to gain riding XP to level up your Riding Trade Skill. As you level up and become a better rider you will gain benefits such as increased mount speed, mount buff trinkets, visual customizations, better mount food, and a chance to receive special mounts at set levels.

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Mount quests in New World let you befriend and unlock new animals. Once you have your new best friend and are ready to mount up, you can compete in two types of mount time trials for riding XP, mount buff items, mount vitamins to make consumable mount food, and more. The two types of timed trials are Tours in which you will need to find the quickest route to the finish line, and Rallies in which you will be reaching sequential checkpoints before time runs out.

Mounts will have two slots for visual attachments in New World, but you'll also be able to equip mount buff items through quests, riding trade skill rewards, and open-world drops. These buff items will do things such as apply a cleanse on forced dismount, reduce damage on landing, reduce summoning time, etc.

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The goal in PvP is to reduce the impact mounts have on combat as much as possible, therefore you can't summon a mount while in a combat state, Summoning has a 2-second delay, and any damage done to you by another player will cancel the summon. When riding, any damage from another player will dismount you and dismiss the mount. Damage from NPC enemies can also force dismounts, but there will be a tolerance for lower-level enemies who pose no real threat.

And that's all the details we learned about mounts coming to New World with the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion on October 3rd. You can read the full blog post over on the New World Steam page.

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