Another Blizzard icon has hit the battlefield in Heroes of the Storm. Jaina Proudmoore will be available to play in the game’s technical Alpha as soon as the servers come back online following today’s maintenance.

With a toolset aimed at damage and slowing, Jaina comes equipped with an arsenal of abilities, almost all of which apply “Chill” to targets to not only slow their movement but also increase the amount of damage done to each target.


  • Frost Bolt (Q)
  • Fires a bolt that deals damage and Chills the target.

  • Blizzard (W)
  • Creates a storm of ice at target location, damaging and Chilling enemies.

  • Cone of Cold (E)
  • Deals damage in a cone and Chills targets.


  • Frost Bite
  • Your Abilities Chill targets, slowing them and causing them to take increased damage.

    Heroic Abilities

  • Summon Water Elemental (R)
  • Summons a powerful Water Elemental.

  • Ring of Frost (R)
  • Creates a freezing ring that roots and damages enemies.

    In addition to Jaina, the patch also implements a number of emote and art changes, balancing updates, and much more.

    The full patch notes are available on the official Heroes of the Storm site.

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    1. exaccuss on December 4, 2014

      Oh sweet! Another MMO? I so can’t wait to pla-Oh. It’s a MOBA? I see. Move along people, nothing see here.

    2. ExHuman on December 3, 2014

      Starcraft engine is so dated -_-

    3. Hantzie on December 3, 2014

      I hate MOBAs.

    4. Glurb on December 3, 2014

      Doof magorf blurk fer smurg hermagorf gaf gapoofka lermek smgooglin xinga urf patunka.

    5. Mamson on December 2, 2014

      N1 Moba for me, waiting for ranked….

    6. Merideus on December 2, 2014

      Its really retarded there adding tons of heros Telling us all this kewl stuff changing in the game & 70% of us have ever seen 1 match. But thats ok cause theres only been like 2 championships alrdy.

    7. Zhao Yun on December 2, 2014

      One of the games that is worth waiting for.I cant wait till i can get my hand on this when they actually launch it or if lucky enough when cb starts.

      p.s the trailer of jaina made me laugh

    8. idontlikemyname on December 2, 2014

      i really most say i have a blast playing this game !