Star Trek Online‘s Anniversary is almost upon us, with the game turning 10 on February 2. Cryptic has already rolled out some announcements regarding the upcoming celebration starting with the introduction of the game’s first-ever Federation/Klingon collaborative vessel. Of course, that’s not all the developers have planned for the event. Today, Cryptic released two new episodes featuring Picard and Voyager’s Seven of Nine voiced by Jeri Ryan and Discovery’s Michael Burnham voiced by Sonequa Martin-Green as part of the “Legacy” update.

The new episodes pay tribute to a Classic Star Trek episode, “The Savage Curtain”. In this episode, the crew of the Enterprise were morally tested by an omnipotent race known as Excalbians. Now the Excalbians want to test the captains of Star Trek Online. Luckily, there will be help from Seven of Nine and Michael Burnham.

Also included in the new update is a new five-player Task Force Operation that takes place on the surface of the moon and a Mycelium Task Force Operation. Of course, the Anniversary event has also kicked off and is slated to run for a month.

There’s one other bit of STO news. The game is introducing the Liberated Borg Command Juggernaut, a T6 vessel that will become available in the Borg Lock Box. The ship is available to purchase today.

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