Join DDO Community Members For A New Year's Raid Extravaganza

The event is open to everyone, regardless of raid experience.

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Dungeons And Dragons Online Community Raid Event NYE

If you’re a Dungeons & Dragons Online player looking for something to do for New Year's – both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day – you may want to take a look at this. DDO players Axel and Delemma Ender are hosting a two-day raid event in the MMORPG which they’ll be running every raid in the game. The event is open to everyone, no matter their raiding experience or character power. There’s no max cap on the amount of raiding parties. If there are enough players for a party, the party will be made. And the whole thing will be streamed on Twitch, across several channels, so if the actual raiding isn’t your thing, you can at least watch.

To participate, players will need to be on the Thelanis server. If you’re not on that server but have a Hardcore Season 9 character to transfer, that’s probably the way to go. It seems a bit late to try leveling a new one at this point.

The event will be divided into three blocks, each lasting about six hours or less. The first block begins at 1 pm Eastern on New Year's Eve. The second begins at 8:30 pm EST and will run until a little after midnight. The final block will pick up at 1 pm New Years Day – making a little room for people to get rest.

Players will need to join Axel’s discord server to participate. Details on how to do that can be found in the post on the DDO forums. The post also has links to the different Twitch channels the event will be streamed on, for those who want to watch.

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