A new Jurassic World game is on its way, and it looks like Perfect World Entertainment will be the company handling its publishing. According to trademark and website information dug up by MMOCulture the game –titled Jurassic World Survivor — has an officially registered trademark as well as an existing website registry. According to the website registry information, Perfect World is the company in possession of the domain.


Currently there is no word on whether Perfect World is actually developing the game, so we’re going to have to wait until there is an official announcement to find out.



  1. Let’s hope that this isn’t just a cash grab and that the developers are serious about making a good game. Kinda like the Ghostbusters game in 2009 or the South Park game.

  2. even if it is true…. its going to be something that is along the lines of the actual movie which will more than likely make it an rpg rnd pay to win crap storm….

  3. Doesn’t matter who the publisher is… the main problem is. A Jurassic World game? Really? Let’s cash in by making a crap game. That’s the bigger issue. Fck these developers cashing in on these mainstream franchises.

    • I would cash in on the mainstream franchise to if I was one of them but I wouldn’t sell out for a freakin jurassic world game. That is a joke I don’t see how people would play that and I’d be suprised if people even do and I’m sure some people will log into it. But yeah if your gonna sell out at least look for something other then a jurassic world game.

    • If it was Aeria you will whine
      If it was Nexon you will whine
      If it was Webzen you will whine
      If it was a new company you will whine

    • Personally no I like nexons games the only thing I dislike about them is their cash paywalls. and I have no idea what Webzen is I never tried their games. Aeria games yeah I would whine. and it would vary what the new company is before I would whine.

  4. let’s not get to hasty now even if it’s only a hint we are still not sure if this is even true it hasnt been officially been confirmed even if it was true that alone won’t do.


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