Once again, it’s time for your weekly “go grab some free stuff off the Epic Games Store” reminder. This week the store is offering players a game we’re all pretty familiar with — Just Cause 4. The other is a story-based racing game set in 1970’s Italy titled Wheels of Aurelia.

As is generally the case with AAA games on the EGS, the free offering of Just Cause 4 is the standard game. DLC is going to cost you. And if you want the Gold or Complete edition, you’re going to need to wait until the freebie week is over.

The other game, Wheels of Aurelia, is definitely one for indie fans. Developed and published by Santa Regione srl, the game focuses on a woman by the name of Lella who takes a racing road trip through the west coast of Italy as she uncovers events from her past.

Finances-wise, this weeks offerings aren’t the greatest haul. All total, you’re gonna save yourself about $40 if you grab both games. That said, most of us could probably do with saving whatever we can, especially at the moment. Plus, they’ll keep you entertained for a bit. So grab them while you can.



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