Exile Gaming Studio recently launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for their dystopian cyberpunk MMO, Exile Online. The company is currently seeking a little over $43K to aid in the development of the project.

The game — which is inspired by the likes of Bladerunner, Akira, Deus Ex, and other popular Cyberpunk themed IPs — takes place a “sci-fi dystopian, cyberpunk universe.” It features a variety of sandbox elements, incluing player housing, an economy, cybernetic implants, and even politics.

Currently the game has raised $1,623… but the Kickstarter is barely under way. If it succeeds, Exile Gaming Studio estimates delivery of the project around March 2017.

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  1. Our first Kickstarter has just ended unsuccessfully with a total of ÂŁ3,026 pledged.

    This was forecast from quite early on, but even though it was a failure in terms of securing the funds we were looking for, the extreme volume of PR and word spreading we achieved made it well worthwhile alone, with various articles and entries on gaming websites here and there.

    We have gotten a lot of feedback regarding the game, most of it very positive and constructive. From this, we have been able to come to a few major conclusions as to why we were unsuccessful this time around.

    Needless to say we will be taking that feedback aboard and will action the points bought up so they are sorted out as a matter of urgency in our current development phase.

    The things we will be concentrating on most, from the above mentioned feedback will be –

    – Gameplay content such as mission and npc systems
    – Character enhancements
    – Lighting and shading work

    Thank you to everyone that pledged and to all of those that helped us spread the word about the campaign. Development will continue unabated so stay tuned for updates in the coming months.

  2. Getting ready for Eurogamer 2016.

    While we will not be in a state ready to have a public stall set up demoing the game, we will still be there and will be able to meet other developers and gamers.

    Let us know if you are attending this year and we can all meet up and have a little Q&A.

  3. We have swapped out the intro video with a much higher quality version. Turns out the video codec we used to encode it first time around sucked and wouldnt show the true 60fps frame rate that it should have.

    We think the quality is massively improved over what it was originally.



  4. Boy you know what I’d love to see here on MMOBOMB?

    A community that isn’t toxic, and gives things a chance. That be something pretty intuitive as a GUI and game engine, now wouldn’t it?

    Ridiculous community aside, I’d say you devs have a fine piece of work in the making. Rough around around the edges right now, sure. But an Cyber-Punk MMO with already a heavy Blade Runner feel… Is definitely an area that needs to be touched on more in this day and age of “congested” gamers. Love the music that’s in this video, and how close to something Vangelis would give… Love it. Keep it up, and at the start of June you’ll have another donator for the game.

    Also as a developer myself, and someone who has played around with The Hero Engine. Don’t listen to these “vultures” thinking they know what’s best for development. If there’s one thing Hero Engine is good at… It’s the ability to give the team complete real-time collaboration in every needed aspect when working with your team. Good choice of software in my books. Games like Runescape show that graphics mean nothing. If the game-play exceeds the visuals, so just go with what you want… Not what others outside of your teams vision want.

    Good luck on Exile Online’s development, and again… Blade Runner esque MMO is something I’ve been waiting on for a long time.

  5. Too early to say anything definite honestly.
    GL nonetheless, always better to support indie teams than korean crappy theme-park copy-pastas.

  6. I like that the developers are taking time to respond here. Also would like to point out there graphic stat e of POE when it was first being made, it was not pretty AT ALL. This game is in current development and everything you are seeing is not final, so don’t judge it as a game yet.

    • We like to engage for sure and will not shy away from possibly tough questions. The appearance of our game from our first placeholder models and concepts is night and day compared to where we are at today. Cannot wait to see the game under the new renderer 🙂

  7. Another kickstarter scam game and free to grind – pay to win garbage.

    Yeah people, make sure to trow your money at them, developers and publishers love to take advantage of naive little kids.

    • There is explicitly no pay to win content in the game. Infact i will eat my hat if we have pay to win when the game comes out. Grinding is not a content style we want to base our game on either.

  8. Well all companys that makes mmos cant be Blizard and Arenanet, so dont shit on small companys that trying to grow!. yeah engine culd be better still not meny cyberpunk MMO out there so wish them good luck with kickstarter. know City of titens kickstarter went well for the superhero mmos. so realy hope there be some development out there with cyberpunk. a game like gw2 and actioncombat system wuld be nice to see in a well done cyberpunk game

  9. Exile Gaming Studio’s website is embarrassing, not to mention the “OnlyOffice” advertisement located in the footer. Highly unprofessional. The graphics for their game would be acceptable maybe a decade ago.

    • We have to include the advert for Onlyoffice on our sites front page due to our licence deal with them.

      Our website will be undergoing a vastly improved makeover quite soon to look a bit more modern.

      Hero Engine is actually a fun and challenging engine to work on. It takes a bit more effort to get a nice looking game when compared to unity or unreal. That is all set to change in the coming months as it is currently undergoing prep work for a total renderer replacement and upgrade to DX11 which we are excited for. It offers us unparalleled networking capability compared to all other engines we have considered in the past which is why it wins out when making an MMO.

      At this stage in development we are concentrating on gameplay systems for the most part above and beyond things such as characters, animations and effects (for the time being).

  10. oh god …… new mmos every day, all the same, nothing new. and im just waiting here for a mmo with itemization of gw2, the combat of black desert and some normal graphics…

  11. Ahhh hero engine…you guys should use some other one…hero engine lack of support you will see…even so it get one patch they are really slow with support….

    • There is no lack of support. It is fully up and running. There is also live support directly with the engine developers via skype group chat. Plus the forums give answers to any questions within hours if not minutes.

      Having worked with the engine for 3 years, i can safely say that it is currently in much better shape and in safer hands than ever before.

    • This is our first iteration of GUI. We needed to make something for the programmers to use other than the white and blue boxes that came as standard with the engine. We are currently working hard on foundation gameplay systems over and above graphics. Lighting, shaders and effects work will be focussed upon down the line.

    • It will never ever go buy to play. We have always had a clear business plan in terms of having the game free to download and free to play in its entirety. As mentioned in the kickstarter, we welcome any questions you may have about our game. Either here or on the campaign page or on our forums. Cheers.

  12. Looks like The Repopulation, same graphics, same textures, probably using Hero Engine, probably will have same destiny. Already old and outdated even before birth.

    • Repop was on the same engine. Yes it is Hero Engine and the engine is still fully active and being updated regularly. Infact it just went through a major patch in preparation for the upgrade to DX11 and the brand spanking new renderer. It is harder to get a good looking game in HE than compared to unity or unreal but with the updates coming way before we plan on launching, we will have a shinier game ready to show off quite soon.


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