If you’re a fan of the mid-’90s fighting game Killer Instinct, then you were probably jumping out of your seat when Microsoft, in conjunction with Double Helix Games, unveiled a new incarnation of the game for the Xbox One at its presser yesterday — well, assuming you could overlook the obviously pre-determined match on stage.

A source at Destructoid got to try the game out in Microsoft’s press room, and he gushes about the gameplay, which is just as familiar and savage as he remembers: combos, combo breakers, two life bars, and a new graphics polish that puts it in line with today’s generation of fighting games.

But then he drops the bombshell: Only one character, Jago, is free.

What? Yes, that’s right.

Now, we don’t yet know how much other characters will cost, but if they’re any more than, say 99 cents, this game will probably go over about as well as Allods Online. And even if the cost is minimal, it’s going to be a tough sell. I can see it now, scores upon scores of Jago vs. Jago matches, as far as the eye can see…

Even just a minimal free roster of, say, four characters, each with a different fighting style — maybe a “quick” character, a “strong” character, a “ranged” character, and some kind of hybrid/advanced character — would go a long way toward making Killer Instinct more accessible and seem far, far less exploitative. And it’s not like they wouldn’t sell different outfits for those characters anyway.

It’s just a mind-boggling choice to restrict opening character choice so heavily and it seems that the company behind it has little to no idea what people are looking for in the free-to-play market these days. Do you think you’ll be giving Killer Instinct a try when it launches in November? Or does this news sour you on the game as a whole?


  1. Goddamn it. lol. Don’t give me a reason to buy an Xbox One. I’ll fork out the money to relive the blisters I got while playing the original KI lol.

  2. Wow i love the look of this game, its about time they brought this back…..only its nothing new anymore but fans of the franchise will love it. I think paying for characters is shocking. What a fail!

  3. While Kinda off. I like how xbox and ps4 are getting free titles PS2 warframe and WOT while im not about consoles I do think its cool.

    • Warframe sucks ass. They couldn’t even be bothered to make unique environments, instead recycling palettes and enemies as much as old NES final fantasy games. If shine is all that matters to you, go ahead and play it but I can guarantee it will wear off on you fast. There’s no depth.

  4. This site has no idea what the hell they are talking about. Plus the news is all stale & moldy kinda like old ass bread. World of tanks on xbox1 I knew that way back in Feb. Mmobomb is going to fail epically if they do not get there shit together soon. & I still say it is spunks fault!

    • Keep the trolling coming. It feeds my soul.

      Also no you didn’t. It was just announced as an exclusive during the Xbox conference. There may have been “what if” talks about it within the WoT community, but there wasn’t anything official.

      • Why are you here if you dislike spunkify and mmobomb so much? Frankly i dont think you deserve spunkifys awesomeness! shame on thee! SHAME!

        • I came here to get away from spunk & Magicman got chased out by him. Waithig for MM to come back to reign down hell on spunk for messing up his site.

        • Damn I hate to type. Sorry about the typos. It’s been a long day in the kitchen & I am still here. Need to do a party of 500 tomorrow for a lan party at a local hotel.

      • you say you only play for social aspects, and you want relavent to you info in the videos ???yahoo chat might suit you better than a mmo site 😉 and you sound as if your all me and you like social things ? you are a paradox 🙂

      • Why you so mad bro? Quit typing in mmobomb and quit commenting and voila; the so-called feud goes away. Or you can keep being mad. You mad?

  5. Count the Xbox One Mandatory Subscription to this as well and what you got is essentially a trial which you can pay for.

    Genius level of business design but far from being userfriendly.

  6. Holy hell, are they really charging on a per-character basis while only allowing one guy for people that don’t dish out cash? There is absolutely no way this is going to work on a long-term scale. Makes me wonder just what they were thinking, when they set this model up. Oh, wait. I know. Bleeding as much money as possible out of a classic title.

    Can’t say I blame them for it, though. After all, they are a business. I just wish they’d have a bit more respect for their customers in regard to this sort of thing. I mean, yeah, it worked for EA and Zynga, but they’re not exactly the most well liked companies out there.

    • Dude… its a comment from someone that tryed the game, that is in fact from another site.That doesn’t mean they went to another site to get the news, but that they talked about it with someone else from the “presse”. ( E3 is for people working in the “presse” for gaming or gaming industry related people). In all honesty read what’s written in the article before writing something like that. you are just making a foul of yourself…

      • Nice. Tried to reply to you but they blocked me for calling them out. They didn’t talk to “press” they shanked the dude’s opinion that was posted 11 hours ago from another site. I think you meant “fool” as well.

        • We didn’t block you. We don’t really block anyone (except bots). Some news doesn’t get handed out to every media source. It isn’t like we didn’t site the source of the news…

          Also news flash (pun intended) practically every news site and agency does this even those that aren’t gaming related. If it doesn’t come from a press release someone has to break the news and from there it is spread.

          • News flash, you wouldn’t know anything about “real news”. A couple years of making first look videos and more recently posting articles in no way qualifies you to speak on that topic. Also, I know how “rinse/repeat” news works. My point was you originally had “E3” in the headline and still have it as a tag leading people to think this was part of your coverage despite the term E3 appearing nowhere in the article. Finally, if you actually DID surf a few more sites or attend anything important at E3 you would know that their model actually makes a little sense. Their idea is to make a few trial fights available for you to decide which characters you like and let you buy just them, OR buy all of the at a discount. Example: You like Soul Caliber. I offer to sell you it for $60 bucks OR you can test each character and pay me $5 for each one you like, if you hit $60 bucks though we’ll just give them all to you. Will that approach work? Who knows but it’s an interesting test that isn’t the “dumb idea” you tried to make it out to be after reading one sentence from someone else’s article and making a few paragraphs out of JUST that sentence.

          • Can’t reply directly to you (I assume its the same bug), but I didn’t write this article. It was accidentally tagged as our E3 news and I rectified it once I got a chance to look over today’s posts.

            If they wanted it to be a trial (which I don’t mind if B2P games have trials) then they should have said that. Allowing one character for free constitutes more as an unlimited free trial than anything.

            You don’t need to just be a writer to understand how journalism works. I’ve been able to read and take note of news trends for many years now…

          • No this time it’s because we have reached the reply cap on your page settings lol.

            Anyway, observing news trends makes you qualified to speak about how real news works? So watching sitcoms now makes me qualified on how the behind the scenes processes work for television writing and production? Come on. Judging by some of your writing on here, the ability to read or type correctly isn’t a high priority for hiring. If you have more than one writer by the way, the articles should show who wrote them.

            Why would they bill it as a trial? It isn’t. If you’re happy with Jago you can play forever and never spend a dime. Why advertise it as a trial when it isn’t? Again, not saying the model will work or that I even like it, (not a fighter fan so I have no vested interest) but your article (“your” as in mmobomb, not you personally) is terribly misleading as to what is going on because the author saw one sentence and ran with it with no additional research. I mean you’re at E3! Go ASK someone if you have to!


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