Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct has come to PCs, along with the game’s season 3 content, but there’s a catch. To get into all the fist-flailing, sword-swinging action, you’ll need to have Windows 10 installed.

In addition, you’ll only be able to download the game from the Windows store — sorry, there’s no Steam release. If you own the game on Xbox One, any purchases you’ve made will carry over into the PC version.

The game also promises that Gargos will be coming to the fighting arena in May, with another new fighter added in each of June and July, as well as a new multiplayer mode in July. The single-player Shadow Lords campaign is also in the works, and it sounds pretty cool:

Shadow Lords is part ladder, part arcade mode, part story mode, and part roguelike, all rolled up into one unique experience.

· Your ultimate goal is to beat Gargos and his forces before he takes over the world. How fast that happens is completely up to how you play!
· Choose any character to “main” and assemble your team from across the entire roster of KI characters. Uneasy alliances abound!
· As characters are added to the game after launch, they’ll also come with new Shadow Lords content.
· There’s a lot of stuff to earn and craft in this mode, all of which can be obtained by playing. KI Gold will allow you to accelerate to get to some rarer stuff sooner to help in your fight against Gargos and his minions.
· The game features persistent items and elements that carry across multiple playthroughs.

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  1. Who cres if W10 spies on you? You get spied by everything, even if u have no W10. Your phone is tracking you and listen you 24/24, everyone’s info is on NSA, want or not etc. Lol, just get real, u living in the matrix, and Neo is far from here.

  2. I believe a lot of people are bashing on windows 10 because, they don’t know how to manage their system. Sadly enough its true. When I rolled out Windows 10 to the company I work for and certain machines to police departments, not one freaked out with it, in-fact they performed slightly better. upgraded over 170+ machines. Windows 10 is fine.

  3. Good thing about Win10 is you dont need your Antivirus software anymore. Cause Win10 is nothing else then a Trojaner from the NSA made by Microsoft. Ok all MS OS had backdoor but Win10 is like a whole other beast it spys on you 24/7 dont use a webcam or mic with Win10.
    Bigbrother is watching you!!!!!

    • I take it you don’t know how to remove triggers after disabling it and deleting the registry. I have Deployed Windows 10 in my organization and all of that is off. Google is now a standard for Techs to be utilized as a tool.

  4. I’m OK with it being restricted to Windows 10; what i’m not OK with is that you have to install it as an app from the Windows Market. Windows 10 is just as good as 7, even better i might say, because it allows a fresh install without deleting your documents.

  5. Win10 shilling even on this site? No one in their right minds would want this data mining adware garbage os. Its really sad that ms is restricting access for such stupid reasons, would like to play this but no thx.

  6. Never heard of this piece of shi t, i laugh so loud, what a crap, ugly circus, thats why console poops should never com to pc!

  7. why ppl hate win 10 i dont understand…. finaly first normal F2P fighing game… there are tons of f2p mobas, mmorpg, fps, tps…. we need more genre.. like this, like crash team racing, like thrill kill from ps1, like vigilante and twisted metal (have big hopes about crossout)….f2p is not only moba, mmorpg and fps…..

  8. wow, Win10 must really sell like shit since they are pushing so many game exclusive for it… hurting games population and making me hate Win10 even more, good job Microsoft, gooooood joooooob…


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