The team working on the Russian version of Kingdom Under Fire II is making progress on their run-up to beta, particularly in the area of PvE, quests, and raids. As one would expect, players level by completing story missions. Completing all of the story will offer access to Rift quests which are available in five different difficulty levels — the highest level of which can be turned into a 16-player raid.

These are the general plans. As time goes on, the team plans to add more PvE content. For now, however, it looks like players will have enough to start out with.

For those wondering, Founder’s Packs are in the works, and purchasing one will guarantee a player’s access to the Closed Beta Test.

If you’d like to check out the packs and other information, you can hit up the official site. Just keep in mind you’ll either need to know Russian or have to make use of a translator.

If you’re not interested in that and would just like to see some colorful moving images, the RU team recently released some videos you can check out below.

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  1. They currently aren’t planning to IP-block any regions on RU servers, so people from anywhere in the world should be able to play. Not that I expect too many non-Russians to jump at that opportunity with Western release being supposedly very close and all that.


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