There’s a new free-to-play MMORPG out there, and you can play it right now! For about 90% of gamers — the “starving for an MMORPG, I’ll try anything” crowd — that’s enough to give RokoSoft’s Rise Online World a shot. It’s in alpha but you can download and play it right now.

The website doesn’t offer much in terms of significant details beyond the typical MMO fare: PvP, PvE, boss fights, mounts, and so forth. Each class has two sub-classes, with the example given of the rogue class, which you can enjoy as “an archer and assassin whenever you feel bored or wish.” That’s the end of the sentence: “feel bored or wish.” The rest of the site features similarly iffy translations (“Bosss [sic] with different mechanics”) and the “Costumes” section is entirely in Turkish, according to Google Translate.

Why is it being made? I mean, other than the obvious reason that anyone makes an MMORPG? According to YouTuber KiraTV, the game is a “spiritual successor” to Knight Online, which he described as “f***ing mega in Turkey,” which would explain why a dev from that country would seek to re-create it.

So if you’re familiar with Knight Online and, like KiraTV, have nostalgia for it, you might want to give Rise Online World a shot. RokoSoft has plenty of videos on its site if you want to see what looks like. Just don’t expect the best localization at the early alpha stage of the game’s development.


  1. I had high hopes for this game when I first heard about it as a veteran Knight Online player. But when it came out it was obvious that it was not nothing but a “reskin” of KO. Devs copied everything to the letter, races, classes, items, maps, skills, literally everything and gave them a new look and a name. In most cases they didnt even bother to change the appearance or the names of items.

    When confronted with this reality, the devs and the playerbase which was so eager to find a replacement for the infamously pay2win game that is Knight Online, they deny these facts.
    They will keep giving you the same example “Look at League of Legends, they copied Dota but they turned it into an entirely different game, this game also has the potential to be something different down the line”.

    The thing is, League copied the concept, not the entire game, which is not the case here. So I gave up on this game since I do not believe it will evolve into anything unique or different or even a slightly better version of KO.

    Finally if you think “whatever man, I ll play this game even if its an exact replica of KO, since it wont be pay2win”, you are wrong. The devs openly said there will be pay2win, but they will try to keep it “minimal”.

    Look guys I know the whole MMO crowd is literally starving as mentioned in the article, but dont let that make you oblivious to the facts, we all have had our fair share of bad MMO experiences, so think twice before you waste(invest) your money and more importantly your time blindly, dont let companies take advantage of this MMO starvation environment.

    I just wanted to make an honest review from my pov as an outsider, and I know how hard it is for foreign players to get info on these Turkish / Turkey based games.
    Let me know if you have any questions


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