Beginning today, KurtzPel players have a new way to increase their Karma’s level cap. The new Awakening System is available, introducing the Awakening Gauge mechanic and new passive and normal skills.

To start things off, the Awakening update includes two new Karmas: Sword Taliah and Dance of Wind, both available now. Unlocking the system requires players to be level 20 so they can pick up the Awakening Quest. This will expand the Karma’s skill tree and unlock the Awakening Gauge, passive skills, and more.

The Awakening Gage is specific to dungeons and fills as players damage enemies. Once filled, it can then be activated in order to increase the player’s attack power, stamina and mana recovery, and movement speed. Leveling a Karma to 10 will unlock a special Rage Skill that can be used while Awakened. This is a high-powered skill than can make the difference in any battle.

Along with the new Awakening Content, the update also includes a New and Returning Chaser Attendance event that rewards players for logging in. Rewards include a wide variety of useful items such as AP/CP boosters, a Heroic Karma Token Select Cube, dyes, Appearance Change Tickets, and more.

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