TERA players on consoles got a little bit of good news today, as it was announced that those with Elite status would carry that over to the new version of the game next month, as well as receive new benefits. Everyone with Elite status will transition over to Elite Gold on Oct. 15, granting the highest tier of rewards. TERA Console’s social media manager, David Angel, a.k.a. Sarumonin, has the details on his personal blog.

Speaking of those rewards, Sarumonin also laid out the details of that for TERA last week, courtesy of Krafton Bluehole Studio’s Console Department. Cash shop currency En Masse Points, or EMP, will be converted into TERA Coin at a 1:1 ratio, and the various tiers, from Bronze to Silver to Gold, were laid out, and compared to the current Elite status. All in all, it seems like a pretty good deal for existing players, who should have little to complain about the transition — which probably means there will be lots of complaints.

Finally, Sarumonin revealed the updated details of TERA cross-play, which will be available in November: It’s coming in mid-November, and will be implemented worldwide. That runs counter to the previous plan, which was going to see the feature go live on Oct. 29 in Asia, with a worldwide release to follow a few weeks later.

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