KurtzPel Welcomes A New Karma, Radiant Horn, On To The Battlefield.

Meet Neele, a small girl with a powerful lance.

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KurtsPel New Karma

KOG Games’ free-to-play action fighting game KurtzPel, released its new Karma, “Radiant Horn,” this week. This Karma is a Melee Breaker class that wields the Lance. The weapon is perfect for quickly closing gaps and launching powerful assaults that can break enemy armor.

The Karma Master for Radiant Horn is an original KurtzPel character ‘Neele’. When her ‘father’ disposed of her due to her incompetence, she learned that she was a mere test subject. Now Neele attempts to seek her spiritual guidance by visiting the Chase where Lime was last rumored to be.

To celebrate the release of the new Karma, players who play using the new Radiant Horn Karma will receive an additional 30% AP and GP and can undertake weekly quests and event quests from September 28 to October 19 to receive cosmetics and other various items. Players can check out the official Radiant Horn trailer below, or head over to KurtzPel’s Steam page to check out the game.

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